Cape Cod native Siobhan Magnus, was guaranteed a place on the nationwide "American Idol" tour Wednesday night after America voted her through as one of the final 10 contestants on the show.

Magnus, 20, was over the moon when host Ryan Seacrest called her name out first.

She stood up as Seacrest reminded viewers that the Irish American rocker sung Stevie Wonders version of "Superstition," on Tuesday night and said the judges loved it. 

Magnus had some of her friends from Cape Cod to cheer her on in Wednesday's audience.

One bearded guy promised to let his beard continue to grow as long as Siobhan was on the show and two female friends, rather strangely, had red make-up streaked across their face and neck, giving the effect of blood coming from their eyes and throat!

And when Seacrest told Magnus to pack her bags that she was going on tour with the show this summer, Siobhan's fans jumped for joy.

Paige Miles was voted off this week's show.

Next week Siobhan will meet with mentor Usher as the top ten contestants take on songs from the R&B charts.