"American Idol," cast-off Siobhan Magnus said she was shocked when she was voted off the show Wednesday night.

"It was a little shocking initially, just because I was never in the bottom three, but when there are such small numbers, half of us had to be in the bottom three,” Siobhan said.

"I didn't expect to go home after this week. I had finally gotten better comments, and Kara said I was back."

Siobhan closed Wednesday night's elimination show with one of her most powerful performances when she sang "House of the Rising Sun."

Thursday, the 19-year-old appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" where she said she was starting to feel better about the whole contest.

"I'm pretty happy with what I did. I'm proud that I challenged myself instead of taking the easy route. With what I was given, with the time allotted, I think I did the best I could each week, whether people loved it or hated."

And she said she was "feeling fine."

Turns out that Ellen - and her dad - were two of Siobhan's biggest fans.

"I have been a fan since the beginning," said DeGeneres. "And so has my father."

Talking about the other contestants, Magnus said it wasn't "like we were competing against each other."

"It was more like we were competing against ourselves," she added.

Shocked: Siobhan Magnus disappointed after being voted off 'American Idol'