Now that she has clinched a Top 10 place on 'American idol,' don't expect Irish American Siobhan Magnus to keep hitting the high notes.

Magnus, 20, told the Cape Cod Times "she wasn't surprised the show's judges warned her about becoming a one-note wonder.

"I knew it before they said it," said Magnus, preparing to rehearse for Tuesday's show.

"Honestly, I expected them to say I couldn't do that on every song and have that become my gimmick."

Her main goal in recent weeks has been to make the "Idol" summer tour, she told the newspaper, so she can now set her sights a little higher.

 "You can't think too much about what the judges might say and have that affect your performance," Magnus continued. "But next week I'd better do something different."

Her greatest moment so far she says off stage was getting an email from one of her idols, pop singer Taylor Hanson, saying he and his brothers are rooting for her.

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