So how is life post 'American Idol' treating Siobhan Magnus? Quite well, it turns out. Along with runner-up Crystal Bowersox, Magnus has begun to assert her own unique spirit live on stage during the 'Idol' tour.

'My songs are a bit in-your-face and dramatic, but that’s what I love to do,' the 20-year-old told the press this week. 'That’s the kind of music that makes me feel on top of the world.'

Magnus’ set begins in theatrical high gear with flashing white lights and smoke pouring off the stage aided by a Goth soundtrack that slowly resolves itself into her take on the Rolling Stones’ 'Paint It Black.'

The whole performance is way over the top and much more theatrical than anything Magnus did on 'Idol.'

'On the tour, we had a lot more leeway in choosing our own songs and would throw ideas back and forth with the managers looking for things that worked, not only for the audience, but for us,' she said. 'My favorite is ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ I love the contradiction between the heavy guitars and melody. It’s kind of reminiscent of Queen, very bombastic and still very musical.'

USA Today considered her set one of the highlights of the show but The New York Times said she was an example of 'the concert’s critical lack of joy.' Ouch. Magnus doesn't care though. She’s busy basking in the happiness of being free of 'Idol’s' formula.

'It’s nice not worrying about being voted for,' she said. 'I hate to say, but sometimes you almost have to do compromising things on the show. I’d be shopping with the show’s stylist and she’d say, ‘Well, maybe not that because people are still voting.’ I’d have to say, ‘OK, you’re right.’ But I was hoping for an outfit a little more scary.'

Magnus will have to wait until September to find out if 'Idol'-creator Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment is going to sign her to a management deal. If not, she’ll strike out for a deal on her own.

Until then, she’s enjoying her newfound stardom.