The Cape Cod home of Irish girl, Siobhan Magnus, is doing its bit to raise money for charity while supporting their local in Hollywood.

The town of Barnstable, where Magnus grew up, is selling t-shirts at the local school that say "I voted for Siobhan."

The proceeds from the sales of the t-shirts are being put into an account for the "American Idol" Gives Back charity show coming up this month.
It's an annual fundraising appeal on the show that raises money for worthy world causes.

"Idols get credit for what they bring in,” explained community services director Lynne Poyant.

She added that the town would ensure that Magnus was credited for all the proceeds.

Since Magnus shot to fame on the "Idol" stage Barnstable was been inundated with calls and visitors looking to find out more about the town the Irish girl comes from.

Linda Wheelden, administrative assistant to the town manager said, "I’m getting calls daily asking where can we stay when she comes home."

Poyant said the towns Facebook page is receiving daily hits from all over the world because of Magnus' appearance on the show.