Aubrey O’Day, a former member of the popular girl group Danity Kane, went on “The Sean Hannity Show” and told millions of viewers that she thinks both Hitler and Fidel Castro are geniuses.

The P. Diddy protégé and Playboy model, who along with Hannity is an Irish American, said of Castro:

"As someone who's met him and worked with him when I was in Cuba, I'm not defending his behavior in many instances, but I do have to say I will 100 percent agree that he is an incredibly brilliant man.”

O’Day, who appeared on the show as part of the Great American Panel alongside Hannity, was responding to a comment from U.S. Representative Diane Watson, who said that Castro is a “brilliant leader” during a health care debate.

The blonde celeb was then reminded that Castro is a murderer, and Hannity asked if she thought Hitler was brilliant.

"I'm sure many murderers are brilliant,” O’Day said. “Listen I don't condone Hitler one ounce, but yes, he was a brilliant man.”

"Save me," Hannity then told journalist Greta Van Susteren.

What was someone like Aubrey O’Day doing talking about politics on “Sean Hannity” anyway?

The singer, who has worked abroad with children with AIDS and is the founder of the organization F*A*N (Fighting Aids Now), was invited to the panel to share her opinion a recent U.N. report on international sex guidelines which recommended that children be taught about masturbation.