Sinead O’Connor is to marry her fourth husband in Las Vegas on Thursday.

His name is Barry Herridge and he is believed to be an addiction counselor for children. Sinead appeared on the Ian Dempsey breakfast show on Today FM yesterday where she claimed she had no exciting news to share but today she and her fiance Barry rang the station to announce the nuptials.

Ian wrote on his twitter page: "So Sinead O'Connor was holding back yesterday. Boyfriend Barry Herridge got back to us today to reveal that they will wed tomorrow...

"And it's Sinead's birthday tomorrow too. Congrats to them both. And Sinead's new album is sounding great too."

She wrote on her blog: "With enormous joy myself and my beloved boyfriend Barry Herridge will be getting married tomorrow, December 8th 2011 at 'an un-disclosed location' in my absolute dream wedding ceremony. We will post a photo or two here on the site as soon as possible afterward. Very happy girl."


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She had given several interviews in recent months stating that she was seeking a man and she even attended a matchmaking festival in County Clare during her search.

She says there will be no children from the marriage as she had a tubal ligation done last month,
"I've spent my adult life either, trying, or not trying, to get pregnant so I had my tubes done. Anyway, I'm a basket case when I'm pregnant, so for a successful relationship that can't happen," she added.

She split from her third husband, musician Steve Cooney, in March, after just eight months of marriage.

Her other husbands were music producer John Reynolds and journalist Nick Sommerland .
She described them as "very nice people" who “have never asked for anything in settlements.”

"I think they were all just glad to see the back of me," she said. She recently lost an enormous amount of weight after what she said was a medical misdiagnosis.

“A lot of the weight loss is down to me coming off medication after being mistakenly diagnosed as being bi-polar. I had to come off the meds gradually but once I stopped completely last month, it's just been dropping off," she said.