Sinead O’Connor has said she is tired of being labeled “crazy”.

“I am tired of all this 'sinead is crazy' crap. Its a disgrace,” she said in a recent blog post on her website.

The talented Irish singer made her remarks when explaining why she had decided to pull out of an appearance on Ireland’s most popular late night talk show, RTÉ’s “The Late Late Show”.

The 44-year-old singer announced on Tuesday she would not be appearing on the first show of the new season as planned. Initially she said she would not discuss why she was decided to pul out, however yesterday she posted a blog entry on her website explaining it was due to a disagreement with a member of the show’s production team.

She described questions asked by the male researcher as “patronizing, insulting and disrespectful”.
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“I value myself too much to allow myself to be so disrespected, patronized, and treated like a 'crazy' person,” she said.

The award winning singer said she believed RTE had only invited her on the show to  talk about her recent search for a male partner, to make her come across as a “crazy performing monkey”.

“The researcher said to me that since I suffer from depression do I not think it’s insane behavior to be talking publicly about sex. While it may be called rude, inappropriate, naughty, silly, adolescent etc to talk rudely about sex, it is outrageous to call it ‘insane’,” she wrote in her blog.

Responding to O’Connor’s remakrks, an RTÉ spokeswoman told “While we never discuss specific negotiations around any of guests who have been invited to appear on the show we would like to stress that it was never our intention to cause Sinead any distress. Sinead has been on the show many times over the years and she is always welcome to the show.”