Troubled Irish singer Sinead O'Connor took time out from the four alarm soap opera that's been her life lately to focus on the thing that made her famous: her talent.

Stepping on to the stage of the National Concert Hall in Dublin on New Year's Eve, O'Connor made her first public appearance since her marriage and breakup split with her new husband.

O'Connor married Irishman Barry Herridge at a drive-through wedding ceremony in Las Vegas on 8 December, but within weeks she was back before the press cameras to announce that the marriage was over less.


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O'Connor also recently claimed that her search for drugs on her wedding night led to the split, which now seems irreconcilable.

On New Year's Eve the singer played a set of her signature tracks including her critically-acclaimed new song, Lay Your Head Down - which can be heard in the new Irish made film staring Glenn Close, titled Albert Nobbs.

Writing on her website after the show O'Connor was in a celebratory mood: "Well friends, that was wonderful last night (as the actress said to the bishop). Really enjoyed ending the old year singing Lay Your Head Down... The performance from last night should be up on Youtube.'