Sinead O’Connor and Mary Coughlan have entered into hostilities following comment by Coughlan on the day of O’Connor’s wedding. Speaking to a journalist after a gig Coughlan said O’Connor was “a fecking lunatic” for getting married.

This is the second time that O’Connor and Coughlan have made enemies of eachother. The first time they fell out was when O’Connor became involved in Coughlan’s former partner, Frank Bonadio.

O’Connor admitted that she was left in tears by Coughlan’s throwaway remarks about her marriage.

Sources told the Sunday Tribune “There have been some pretty vile text messages flying between the two over the course of the last week. Sinéad threatened that she would sue Coughlan if she made any more remarks, and would 'flatten' her if she did not relent.”

The source said that Coughlan never meant to brand O’Connor a lunatic. They said “It was a throwaway remark to a journalist at a gig and it has all ended badly. Both of them have fallen out now and some of the things being said really are quite vile.

"Both Sinéad and Steve, and Mary and her family, have been left upset by this latest row so all communication between the two has now been blocked."

O’Connor’s manager Fachtna O’Ceallaigh issued a statement. It said “Sinéad has no comment whatsoever to make, and will not have, over and above the message that was posted on her website on the morning of the wedding."

Her wedding announcement read: “We who run this site are very happy to announce the marriage of Steve Cooney and Sinéad O'Connor has taken place this morning…Thanks be to the Great Lord Jah. Rastafari. Dread I. Conquering Lion I. One love."

Some time ago when the two singers were at loggerheads O’Connor was not so quiet about her emotions she told a newspaper at the time “I let her know not to f**k with me and I sincerely mean it.”