Sinead O’Connor has posted a second open letter to Miley Cyrus asking for an apology after “Wrecking Ball” singer’s fans urge the Irish star “to commit suicide.” 

Following Cyrus’ interview with Matt Lauer on “The Today Show” on Monday O’Connor posted a letter to the star which hit out at the young singer for calling her "crazy," again, and urged her to be more supportive of those who battle with mental illness.

In her lengthy Facebook post O’Connor said, “You've said on Matt Lauer's show (where you again refer to me as 'crazy') that you don't understand why I have been upset with you.

“My problem with you stems from your response to my first letter.”

O’Connor’s first letter was posted after Cyrus public said her “Wrecking Ball” video took inspiration from the Irish singer’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” video.

The Irish star urged Cyrus to beware of predators in the music industry and to stop “prostituting” herself.

Cyrus responded by comparing O’Connor to Amanda Bynes and commented on tweets that she had posted while struggling with her bipolar disorder and having suicidal thoughts. Bynes is currently in treatment at a mental health clinic.

O’Connor wrote, "I would very much like you please to apologize to myself and Amanda Bynes for having perpetuated abuse of both of us on the grounds that Amanda has had 'mental health issues' and that I experienced suicidal compulsion and was open about seeking help in order to save my life."

She wrote, “As a result of what you did I have had numerous communications from people urging me to commit suicide.

"Luckily I am a strong person. And I have four children whose lives would be destroyed if I were to buckle under the abuse you set me up for. If I were not, and or I did not have four children, these types of communications and these types of articles and remarks could have had their desired effect."

She also suggested that Cyrus’ comments could have had a detrimental effect on her music career. She wrote, “I have four children to support. I can't do that if people believe me to be unemployable.”

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” star said her first open letter was only meant a as some motherly advice and she told Cyrus she is not interested in a “feud.”