Sinead O'Connor will give singing lessons to the students at her daughter's school, reports the Express.

The mother of four revealed she is feeling nervous about her first tutoring session.

On her website, she wrote: "Am going to give my first ever singing lesson. At my daughter's school. Always wanted to teach singing... Not sure how... But I'll start with the distraction techniques. Biggest obstacle for singers is our mind. It gets in the way. Telling us 'you can't get that note' etc. The next obstacle is, we listen to ourselves (judging). Next is we don't sing in our own accents (well... I do... Because I am wonderful, as we already know)."

She added: "I think singing for some people is a spiritual journey and or almost a marriage u make with ur self. A commitment to truly being u... 'Bel Canto'. Beautiful singing. That is the method I learned from my teacher Frank Merriman at The Bel Canto School of Singing when I went to him for lessons around 94/95.

"He said 'I'm not a singing teacher, I'm a free-er of voices'. He was gifted as a teacher. I'm not at all. But he gave me distraction techniques with which to free the voice."


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