Simon Cowell, the acerbic judge of 'American Idol' and 'The X-Factor,' is dating a woman that is 'too nice' for him, according to fellow judge Louis Walsh.

Mezhgan Hussainy, the willowy make-up artist is said to be dating the multimillionaire judge, whom she initially met on the set of American Idol, and Walsh, 57, joked she could do much better.

'I know his girlfriend, she really is gorgeous. She's much too nice for him, much too nice,' Walsh said.

Walsh also refused to confirm or deny the reports surrounding their rumored nuptials, saying: 'Simon getting married? Yeah, I heard about this. He didn't tell me at Christmas that he was going to get married. If he's getting married, I'll go to the wedding. I wonder who will wear white?'

Whilst no invites have been sent out, Walsh already has an idea what he would get the couple as a wedding gift.

'I'll get him nothing. No, a mirror. He loves mirrors. He loves looking at himself,' he added.

Walsh stepped in for Cowell on 'The X-Factor' when he was ill, insisted that despite the on-screen rivalry they are actually close friends.

'Simon and I are good pals. We're friends except when we walk out on 'The X Factor,' he always has a go at me,' Walsh says.

Simon Cowell and girlfriend, Mezhgan Hussainy