Simon Cowell and Howard Stern have been named the Top-Earning Personalities in Entertainment.

The 'X Factor' mogul and the controversial DJ - who is also a judge on Simon's TV show 'America's Got Talent' - earned an estimated $95 million over the period June 2013-June 2014, landing them joint first place in a list compiled by Forbes magazine.

Simon's fortune comes from the popularity of the 'X Factor' and 'Got Talent' franchises around the world, as well as his record label Syco, while Howard makes most of his money from his Sirius XM contract, boosted by the $15 million he takes home for his talent show work.

Third placed on the list - which consists of TV and radio stars who do not act, sing or play sport - is talk show host Glenn Beck, who made his estimated $90 million on the lucrative speaking circuit, as well as charging fans $10 a month to access his video content.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey ranked fourth with $82 million, and completing the top five is Phil McGraw with $77 million.

Rounding out the top 10 were Ellen DeGeneres, Rush Limbaugh, Ryan Seacrest, Gordon Ramsay, Judge Judy Shendlin.

Forbes magazine's Top-Earning Personalities in Entertainment:

1= Simon Cowell, $95 million

2= Howard Stern, $95 million

3. Glenn Beck, $90 million

4. Oprah Winfrey, $82 million

5. Phil McGraw, $77 million

6. Ellen DeGeneres, $70 million

7. Rush Limbaugh, $66 million

8. Ryan Seacrest, $65 million

9. Gordon Ramsay, $47 million

10. Judge Judy Shendlin, $47 million