HBO’s dramedy and guy favorite “Entourage,” returns to the small screen for its eight and final season on Sunday, July 24. 

HBO has released a few details along with the extended trailer for season 8 and it is packed with intriguing questions about the future of the cast.

Eight years ago, this group of men from Queens, New York made their way to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune in the show business. The show unraveled and the characters have yet to find what they were looking for.

The cast told the Hollywood Reporter that Vince, played by Adrian Grenier, is out of rehab and ready for new things. Ari's marriage is in shambles and Eric, who is played by Kevin Connolly, is running his own management firm.

Johnny Drama, played by Kevin Dillon, is shooting an animated series while Turtle played by Jerry Ferrara has gone in on a tequila business and a possible new project.

Despite all the  drama, wild times, drugs, jail time and more on the west coast, the series has ran its course on the small screen.

Creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Mark Wahlberg have announced in the past that although it is the end for them on TV, they are trying to bring the posse to the big screen after the grand HBO farewell.

The characters’ futures are still in question and fans will have to tune it to find out what will happen to Vinnie, Johnny Drama, Eric Murphy and Turtle on July 24 at 10:30 pm on HBO. 

Kevin Connolly in ‘Entourage’PR Photos