Ah he's up to his misbehaving ways again, this time sans clothes.

Action man Kiefer Sutherland spent Thursday evening in a titaaa bar in London getting his groove on.

In a strange twist of events Kiefer decided he wanted to show the female nude models his rocking bod and stripped off his shirt.

Not such a good idea Kief!

You may be hot, you may be a star but acting so strangely has always gotten you in trouble and Thursday nights antics were no exception.

Kiefer was thrown out of the nude bar, Stringfellows, and onto the street, his shirt following behind.

Reports from the nudie club say that the man who plays Jack Bower in "24" was dancing erratically and shouting crazy stuff.

After Kief and another lap dancing customer got into words together, the shirtless Kiefer was thrown out.

Defending their actions, the clubs website stated that the bouncer was merrily "helping him into his car."

Kief's under a lot of pressure, I mean who wouldn't take his shirt off - all that Jack Bower pressure to save the world in 24 hours deserves some letting off of steam!