Andrew Scott will join the cast of the new Irish comedy “The Stag” which is set to start filming later this month.

‘The Stag’ focuses on a group of guy friends as they embark on a bachelor party, called a stag party in Ireland. Scott, who plays Jim Moriarty in the BBC hit series ‘Sherlock’,  will play the best man.

Scott has done comedy in the past, but said, “I’ve done a lot of comedy in the theatre but of course Moriarty tends to overshadow those things.”

Scott told Radio Times, “It’s an Irish comedy about male friendship called The Stag. But it’s sort of like the anti-stag. For a lot of guys, the idea of stag do is so horrendous, so that’s what this is about. It’s very funny.”

Hugh O’Connor (Bloom) will play the groom according to The Irish Examiner. The show also features Andrew Bennett (Moone Boy), Michael Legge (Shameless), Brian Gleeson (Standby), and Peter MacDonald (I Went Down).

The bride to be will be played by Irish actress Amy Huberman (The Clinic). Huberman was scheduled to appear in the NBC comedy ‘Animal Practice’ before the role was given to another actress. The NBC comedy has already been cancelled.

The new comedy is co-written by Oscar nominee Peter McDonald (Pentecost) and John Butler, a novelist known for his work ‘Tenderloin.’ Butler will also be direct the show. He has directed shorts ‘George,’ ‘The Ballad of Kid Kanturk,’ and the RTE sketch show, ‘Your Bad Self’ which won an IFTA award.  Treasure is producing ‘The Stag.’

‘The Stag’ will be shot on location in Dublin over the course of four weeks and is supported by the Irish Film Board.

Scott and MacDonald have worked together before. In 2003, the two had a scene in the WWII BBC TV docudrama, Killing Hitler. McDonald’s characters explained to Scott’s sniper character that Scott was the one chosen to kill Adolf Hitler. They both appeared in the 2000 film Nora, Ewan McGregor’s film about James Joyce’s relationship with Nora Barnacle, although they did not have any scenes together. They also appeared on stage together as brothers in a quirky family in the play The Aristocrats at the National Theatre in London in 2005.

‘The Stag’ will appear in theatres sometime next year.

Here's a clip of Andrew Scott in "Sherlock" from the BBC: