A good week just got a whole lot better for Sheamus when he scooped up the slammy for WWE's Breakout Star of the Year on the televised awards ceremony on Monday night.

The flaming haired wrestler defeated John Cena on Sunday night to become WWE champion.

"I suppose you people take me seriously now, don't ya," said the riled up Irishman to a cacophony of boos.

"Go through the list, Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Kurt Henning and Ricky Steamboat. All WWE Hall of Famers, yet none of 'em were able to accomplish what I did last night.  I guess that makes me better than all of them," grinned Sheamus,  who proudly wore his signature Celtic Cross necklace.

"I guess not only does that make me the Breakout Star of the Year, but the new WWE Champion," he said as he showed his WWE belt to the fans.

Sheamus is rightly basking in the glory that has been his meteoric rise to the top of WWE, but his fightin' talk accepting his award is sure to stoke the fires of his rivals, and there will be be plenty of challengers ready and willing to knock the teaspach (Gaelic for smartness) out of the champion.

But in beating John Cena, Sheamus has matched his haughty  words with actions, so for now he can bask in the limelight as he sits on top of the WWE mountain.

Now, all he has to do is stay there.