Sheamus defeated Mark Henry last night to retain his WWE title – no surprise there – but could a fight against Hulk Hogan AKA Terry Bollea be in the offing?

Hulk of course is on the outs with Vince McMahon and there is no love lost there.

Hogan says he is the guy WWE comes to when they need a big main event. He and Vince have fought over money in recent times. Here is the chance for them to make it up and a big payday as well.

Do you think Terry Bollea – er, Hulk Hogan – is not thinking that way? Read what Hulk said in a recent interview about McMahon and WWE.

"About eight weeks ago, I was actually talking with Vince again because every year when they need like a main event, they'll call me to wrestle (John) Cena like last year when I blew my back out and I couldn't make it," he said.

"They were talking to me about hosting the show at the Garden and shooting an angle and coming back in. I don't think he's too happy."

There we go. Cena is no longer the champ Sheamus is, and he and Hulk Hogan could be the dream match up – especially around St.Patrick's Day.

Lets call it 'Erin go Brawl' – Hogan, who is a fake Irishman, fighting a real one, Hogan showing the new Irish kid on the block a trick or two, and Sheamus eventually prevailing because – well, he's Sheamus and the bright new light in the WWE sky. Let's get it on.