After Sheamus defeats John Cena on Dec. 13 for the WWE title, we need an all-Irish showdown for March 17, St. Patrick's Day. Let's call it the "Erin go Brawl."

Here's how I envision it. Hornswoggle relives his leprechaun role and links up with Finlay again, and they fight the new champion Sheamus. Hornswoggle could do what he used to do best, emerge from under the ring at a critical moment and trip up six-foot-six Sheamus.

Hornswoggle can attack Sheamus low, while Finlay tries to knock him out. There would be something wonderful about seeing the old-timers, Finlay and Hornswoggle, finally climb back into the ring and try to get the title back.

Later on, we might even find out there's also a family connection between Hornswoggle and Sheamus -- hey, they look alike.

Even better, fans around the country on St. Pat's night would go wild for this "Erin Go Brawl."

It would make St. Pat's Day for 40M Irish Americans. One of them is WWE chairman Vince McMahon, who can make it all happen.

And it would make Hulk Hogan really jealous, Vince, to see the Irish are back in town and he's nowhere to be found -- he was always a fake Irishman anyway, as you know.

"Erin Go Brawl," Vince! Go for it.