Former Beverly Hills bad girl Shannen Doherty turned teary-eyed Monday night in "Dancing With the Stars."

Doherty revealed that her beloved dad suffered a massive stroke at Christmas and that she is trying to stay in the competition for him.

"He lost his ability to speak and a lot of his mobility, and it was really rough," she says.

"And when I mentioned 'Dancing With the Stars' as a joke because I'm so nervous in front of a live audience, he got really excited and we struck a deal. And that's that he's going to work really hard on regaining his speech and mobility and I'm going to get over my fear of a live audience."

"I had not seen him light up before," Doherty said.

"He'd been to a couple of my rehearsals, and he just got so excited about it. Now it's a negotiation tool. When he's feeling down and tired and he doesn't want to go to physical or speech therapy, I rush over to their house and say, 'Dad, look at me, I can go dance or I can stop. It's your choice.' And he gets up and goes and continues to work hard."

Doherty, 38,  is partnering with two-time champion Mark Ballas in the competition which also features Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Lysacek, and the "sexy, sexy," Pam Anderson.

I'm doing this for my dad, says Shannen Doherty on 'Dancing with Stars'