"Dancing with the Stars" competitor Shannen Doherty spent the weekend rehearsing and still found time to celebrate her friend Perez Hilton's birthday.

Doherty, who danced the Viennese Waltz last week and scored 18 of 30, is back on ABC tonight with her version of the Jive.

THe original Beverly Hills 90210 star, who is partnered with "Dancing with the Stars" veteran Marc Ballas, blogged this weekend that her feet were sore.

"Off to rehearse the Jive and torture my feet some more. Love you all!" she wrote.

Yesterday, after all the hard work with her dance partner, which will be evident on tonight's show, Doherty blogged:

"Heading to Perez' bday party after rehearsing my jive. So excited for a great night out!"

Before her live performance last Monday, Doherty said, "Being judged terrifies me. And not only are there three judges, but there's also a live audience. That is super scary."

Doherty will dance on Monday night to stay in the competition.

The person with the lowest votes (judges and viewers combined) will go home Tuesday night.