The Internet has fallen for Ashley Bongiovanni, self-proclaimed model, singer, foodie and fashion lover, after her recent attempt to seduce Rory McIlroy during the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio.

She was caught in plain sight on camera flipping her hair around and making coy smiles and eyes at the Northern Irish golfer during the game.

“It was windy and I have a lot of hair,” she joked with radio station 106.7 The Fan during an interview. “If you guys knew me, you’d know it happens all the time.”

Golf fans watching were quick to call her out – she said her phone started going off almost immediately with text messages due to all of the attention, and she’s been trending on Twitter since.

She’s taking it all with a grain of salt, however, poking fun at herself on her own Twitter and Instagram accounts for her blatant attempt to woo McIlroy:

Every girl loves a foreign accent or two, new favorite of mine? Irish

— Ashley Bongiovanni (@AshBongiovanni) August 5, 2014

She didn’t exactly deny interest in McIlroy during the interview, and is happy to have gained hundreds of Twitter followers through the fifteen minutes of fame.

A native of Akron, this was Bongiovanni’s second year attending the event. “I just really like watching and learning golf,” she said.

Listen to Bongiovanni’s interview.