Once upon a time the Irish language or Gaelic was considered as part of a very conservative rural tradition in Ireland.
Not anymore.
Gaelic is suddenly sexy in Ireland. It's all the rage with young people and its new found popularity has found its way on to television.
The all-Irish language channel TG4 is a rare jewel, based in Connemara, one of the gaeltacht (Irish speaking) areas with lots of  young, very good-looking presenters and risque soap operas that would make “As The Wolrd Turns” viewers blush.
The accompanying clip from the black comedy, "The Naked Extremist" / "An Gaeilgeoir Nocht,"  makes the point rather starkly just how far the language has come - and how far from its old conservative image it has strayed.
Ireland's longest serving leader was Eamon De Valera and his life dream was to have all Irish people speaking Gaelic again. I'm not sure this is what he had in mind!
Sex in Gaelic is gneis - and there is lots of gneisy behavior in this clip - about a man reliving in his mind's eye his romp with a lover. His wife doesn't know what has happened to him until his lover knocks on the door and asks for him.
Obviously, there's no "Cead Mile Failte" from the wife!
His dilemna, whether to leave his wife and child for this new woman is very well caught in the clip.
As I said, hardly your great-grandparents' Irish language!