Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a dedicated actor, but he does not plan to gain weight as he portrays Henry VIII as an older man the final season on "The Tudors."

In an recent interview with Canwest News Service, Meyers, who won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the King in the miniseries “Elvis,” explained why he would not be eating extra cheeseburgers to beef up for his role as Henry VIII.

"I suppose I'd like a few extra pounds but, no, I'm not going to turn into the Holbein painting," said Meyers."I think it would defeat the purpose of what I've done these past three seasons.

"I could have gone down that road of dyeing my hair red and putting on the extra weight, but then that becomes something that's been done by other people."

Though the 32-year-old was well aware of the image the world has of Henry VIII, he wanted to put his own stamp on the role.

"I was instilled with the image of this rotund, food eating, beer guzzling, womanizing monarch who was a tyrant and a bad politician, a lapsed religious man who was completely out of touch with his spirituality by the time his reign ended.

"But I had to play him my way. So I may put on a few extra pounds, but nothing to write about in your computer, I'm afraid.''

Meyers, who made a decision a few years ago to bulk up as he felt he was not getting roles as he was too “pretty,” has given female fans plenty to fantasize about as he shows off his toned body in the numerous love scenes on the show. And the Dublin-born, Cork-reared star is not complaining too much about said intimate bedroom takes.

"There are worse things you can do with yourself on a rainy Tuesday morning in Dublin than hop into bed with the likes of Charlotte Salt or Natalie Dormer or, indeed, Joss Stone. To explain, I haven't jumped into her bed yet.''