Sarah Jessica Parker, star of "Sex and the City," wanted to become a ballerina

My gal pal and fashionista Sarah Jess, has revealed she still sometimes wishes she became a ballet dancer because it was her favorite hobby, aside from acting.

Sarah Jess, who has a figure to die for and didn't need many ballet lessons to achieve it, attended New York's very own School of American Ballet when she was just out of diapers.

After sticking with it for a few years, Sarah Jess, now 44 and looking about 34, gave the ballet dancing up for acting.

“I still wish that I could have become a ballet dancer,” she says.

“I don’t have any regrets, because I made the right choices for me, but I do wish I’d kept it up because it’s still my favourite thing,” she added.

Maybe Sarah Jess (aka Carrie Bradshaw) can tip toe her way around Mr. Big in "Sex and the City 2," opening in May, to give her a baby!!!

Watch this space.