The husband of the infamous Carrie Bradshaw, talks about romancing women and the upcoming movie "Sex and the City 2."

We all know him better as Mr. Big.

For years, Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, was super obsessed with Mr. Big and finally in the first "Sex and the City" movie the pair tied the knot, not without a lot of drama though!

Noth tells Redbook's May edition when it comes to women he knows his stuff.

"I always think it's the little things that count … There are a million romantic little things I do," he said.

In real life, Mr. Big is engaged to actress Tara Wilson.

For instance, says Noth, "Love letters were a big part of my romantic life when I was younger. I feel sad that we're living in a culture that doesn’t write letters anymore – it's a lost art. It's something that adds dimension to the romantic life. Emails and texts just don’t cut it."

Speaking up the new movie Noth says, "There’s a lot of humor, which I love. But it's also a great look into Carrie and Big's relationship and what marriage means to them. No matter how long you've know someone, marriage changes some things in unexpected ways. And it's a learning process for Carrie and Big."