Ireland looks set to host the hit movie "Sex and the City" if Sarah Jessica Parker has her way!

Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV and movie series, is lobbying for Ireland to be included in the next film.

Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick own a home in Donegal and often visit the area with son James when they want to get away from it all.

Sources say the fabulous "Sex and the City" foursome will be winging their way to London to film the next movie and Parker wants Dublin to feature as the second location.

The four stars, Parker, Charlotte played by Kristin Davis, Miranda, Cynthia Nixon and Samantha, Kim Cattrall are all reported to be on board for "Sex and the City Part Two."

The movie will show Carrie and new husband Big moving to London and swapping Brookyln Bridge for London Bridge, Barneys for Selfridges and Central Park for Hyde Park.

Early plot snippets say the new movie will mirror the new economy.

Apparently, Big is set to lose his vast fortune and the high-rolling lifestyle that went along with it.

And rumor also has it that Carrie also finds out she's pregnant with the couple's first child.