Remember when "Sex and the City- The Movie" opened in 2008- bet you put on your favorite dress on, donned your high heels and hit the movie theater with your best friends?

 Well i did!

 For a brief moment we were one of those gals- Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

 Each of us identified with one of the characters and we all wanted Carrie's wardrobe.

 MTV News caught up with the girls last week to ask them what their favorite outfit was throughout the series.

 Sarah Jessica Parker

 "I think the tutu in Paris, in that final montage of her and Big finally getting back together," Parker said. Fans, of course, remember that lavish, over-the-top tutu from the series' last episode. It was fabalicious!!!

 Kim Cattrall

 "Oh, God, favorite outfit? I love the hat in the first movie, that just glorious, that huge hat that I had. Some of my favorite scenes [were] going down the pole in the fireman [episode]. That whole episode was just so much fun to do."

 Kristin Davis

 "Do you know how many thousands and thousands of outfits we have worn? I'm going to go with the Vera Wang, the first poofy wedding dress, because I would never choose such a thing in my life," Davis said, referring to Charlotte's gown during her wedding to Trey.

 "It was so quintessentially Charlotte and so deliciously foofy and Vera Wang that I'm going to go with that. And there's a favorite picture from that: when we walk out of the church and they threw the rose petals."

 Cynthia Nixon

 Nixon had trouble remembering the many outfits she'd worn over the years: "Favorite outfit of all time? I have no idea!"