Rumors abound that the 'Sex and The City 2' costume budget topped $10 million dollars. If that seems like an obscene amount to spend on clothes then you haven't seen the haute couture prices at Bergdorf Goodman lately.

It's entirely conceivable that the biggest movie of the summer had a blockbuster fashion budget to match.

Fashion mavens swear that the value of the eye-popping clothes for Sex and the City 2 could easily have reached $10 million, but remember that a film like that is going to get a lot of designer stuff sent to its stylist, Patricia Field, for free too.

The prospect of international exposure (and instant demand) is just way too lucrative for up-and-coming designers to haggle over how much to charge. Let's face it, even the haughty long-established fashion houses won't sniff at the free advertising.

Besides, Field is a living legend in her field and more than a few designers would be willing to provide their wares to her gratis. When the film opens next week you'll see that the money was put to good use - the four girls have never looked more fabulous.

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