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Even before anticipated blockbusters "Thor", directed by Irish man Kenneth Branagh, and "Captain America: The First Avenger" have hit the big screen, sources are promising that sequels to both films are already on the cards.

Digitalspy is reporting that Kevin Feige, production president over at Marvel Studios, confirmed that production on the follow-up films would begin in the near future. Feige sees Captain America and Thor going in new directions in their respective sequels stating "Thor" will go off into a new adventure, and Captain America will continue to explore the modern world in another film of his own."

Like audiences and critics across the country, Feige is expecting the openings of both films to be massive. "Thor" hits theaters on April 27, and "Captain America" saves the world later in July, and the expected revenues are set to validate the necessity for — perhaps multiple — sequels. In fact, it would be out of character for Marvel Studios to not make sequels to the films, as they have produced follow up films to several comics including Spider Man, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four.

"Thor" stars Chris Hemsworth as the title superhero with Oscar winners Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins in supporting roles. "Captain America: The First Avenger" sees Chris Evans, who also starred in the Fantastic Four series, teamed up with veteran A-Listers Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci.

Though the leads of both films are not as well known as their supporting cast, the films are without a doubt set to propel them to the top of their Hollywood careers and bring in quite the payday.