Scott Foley, best know for his role as Sean Kelly in “Scrubs”, has been dropping some nits about his upcoming role in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Foley will join the cast of the Seattle hospital drama as Henry, a seriously ill patient who Teddy (played by Kim Raver) is desperate to save.

He told the TV Guide that he realized there are parallels between his storyline and the previous story involving the characters of Izzy and Denny.

He said “Sure, there are some definite similarities there…The fact that something might happen between Henry and Teddy the way that it did between Denny and Izzie is a definite possibility. That was such a truly epic storyline and really one of the tent poles of the show. I could never dare to say that Henry would be anything like that."

During Henry and Teddy’s storyline, Henry manages to get Teddy to take his case on pro bono. However, Foley insists that Henry isn’t a bad guy. He said “He needs someone to take his cause up, but I think he's just a nice guy…I think anybody who's sick and possibly terminally ill would do whatever they could to get better."