Sarah Palin  has demonstrated she can survive scandal, major historical cock ups, and almost every kind of political and social gaffe - but can she survive bad box office?

This week The Undefeated, the new documentary about her life and career took in an estimated $65,000-$75,000 in its opening weekend, a figure for which the euphemism 'soft' is usually employed.

But conservative film-maker Stephen Bannon's is undeterred by the public's remarkable disinterest, and he still plans to roll the film out from its limited release of 10 cinemas to a wider audience across the nation.

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Critical reaction has not been kind, however. At Rottentomatoes, the website that rates critical reviews, a 0 % rating was given to the new flick, which means all of the 10 journalists who saw it reviewed it negatively.

Most reviewers described the new film as a fairly blatant political advert. The Village Voice's Anna Merlan called it 'a glowing two-hour infomercial for Sarah Palin, Presidential Candidate To-Be' while the LA Times's Robert Abele described it as 'a troop-rallying campaign infomercial as imagined by Michael Bay: hero-worshipping, crescendo-edited at a dizzying pace, thunderously repetitive and its own worst enemy as a two-hour, talking-points briefing.'

The Undefeated follows Palin's rise from obscure Alaskan hockey mom to vice-presidential candidate. It's tone has been described as glowing, supportive and adoring.

Sarah Palin’s biopic ‘The Undefeated’ opens to near empty theaters