Sarah Palin's famous updo is filled with secrets, according to a new HBO film debuting in March.  'Game Change' claims to tell the truth about the behind the scenes of Palin's losing 2008 campaign, but her aides have called it 'sick' and untrue.

The unnamed aides have also admitted they have yet to see the movie - it's not set to debut until March 10 - adding that their requests for a screening have been denied.

The new film is based on the bestselling chronicle of the 2008 presidential race, and the recently released trailer does at times cast Palin in an unfavorable light.

Julianne Moore plays Palin as a political novice thrust onto the national stage with predictable consequences: she squabbles with her political advisers, she misses her baby who was born in April 2008 and we see campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, played by Woody Harrelson, describing her as being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

However, her aides claim that none of this was so. Jason Recher, who handled vice presidential operations for the McCain-Palin campaign, told the Huffington Post that Palin was 'one of the most engaged public servants I'd ever observed.'

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Meg Stapleton, a former spokeswoman, added that  she not been contacted by anyone associated with either the book or movie.

'They don't want to hear anything good,' Stapleton said. 'We all know Palin sells and the dramatization of Palin sells even more. This is sick. They mock Governor Palin as weak and unable to cope and press forward. And the movie and the trailer say that.'

Director Jay Roach told the press he wrote to Palin requesting an interview but got an email informing him she declined.

The film is also based on 25 interviews conducted with members of the campaign. Secondary sources include Sarah Palin's own book Going Rogue and newspaper and magazine articles from the period.