A documentary based on “The Undefeated” Republican Sarah Palin’s political life premiered on Tuesday, to an adoring crowd of supporters at Iowa’s Pella Opera House.

The two-hour film titled, “The Undefeated” was directed by Stephen Bannon and it is a documentary based on the surfacing of Sarah Palin onto the national political scene and the public’s reaction to her.

The film shows Palin’s political road, starting as mayor of small town Wasilla, Alaska, and developing into the governor of the state and then being selected by Senator John McCain as his presidential running mate in 2008 against President Obama.

The documentary aims to display the amount of scrutiny the former Alaska governor has undergone through pop culture and the media. Over the years, Palin has become go-to material for comedians on popular shows like “Saturday Night Live,” where Tina Fey has created a character impersonating Palin in a not so flattering light.  

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"In the popular imagination Gov. Palin is a lightweight who's an ideologue, and the reality is so different from that," Bannon said. "This is a woman who's the kind of political leader we need today because she builds a coalition," Bannon said.

Pella mayor, Darrell Dobernecker, was among those who attended the event and said the film helped him "understand the woman and a lot of what she's been through. She says what she believes and not just what people want to hear." 

The film has received a PG-13 rating for "brief strong language" by the Motion Picture Association of America but the director said that there is an explicit cut of the film that shows the “pop-culture beat-down” in more graphic terms, but in order to avoid receiving a higher rating he chose to cut off certain parts for the final product.

"I took out all sorts of violence and masked the vulgarity for the theatrical release because I wanted families to be able to see the film," Bannon said on Wednesday.

A casually clad Sarah Palin attended the premiere with husband Todd, and she later signed autographs and greeted some of the 1,000 people that gathered for a picnic following the viewing.

 The Republican has yet to announce whether she plans to seek the GOP presidential position for the upcoming elections.


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