Even though the second installment of "Sex and the City" movie is still heating up the box offices - and only luke warm at that- Sarah Jessica Parker said she is ready to make a third.

The movie hasn't done so well in the box offices but all the same the star - Carrie Bradshaw- wants to go again.

"I hope Carrie will live on," Parker told UsMagazine.com at the sequel's Tokyo, Japan premiere on Tuesday.

"She will live on -- even if the movies don't."

Over Memorial Day weekend, the relentlessly promoted "Sex and the City 2" debuted at a disappointing no. 3 with $37.1 million; moviegoers preferred "Shrek Forever After" ($55.7 million) and "Prince of Persia" ($37.8 million).

Panned by critics, "Sex and the City 2" grossed less in five days than the 2008 original did in three days.

Still, Parker told UsMagazine, "I feel blessed that we've told so many stories about these lovely characters."

Only time will tell I guess.

Sarah Jessica Parker