"Sex and the City" actress Sarah Jessica Parker insists that son James, seven, and twin five-month-old daughters Loretta and Tabitha — her kids with actor husband Matthew Broderick — should not have an easy upbringing just because of their parents’ success.

She said: "I don't want my children to feel they have a sense of entitlement.

"I want them to work hard and be challenged. That's hard to do when you have everything you need and want, so I am working on those values all the time."

The actress also admitted she struggles to cope with juggling motherhood and her career but refuses to complain as they are her own life choices.

She added to Glamour magazine: "It is the eternal conflict of every working woman, and I am not complaining, because I've done this to myself. And I have a wonderful, wonderful nanny who allows me to be a working person. The great challenge for me is to be all things to all people.

" want to be a great mother, and I want to feel good when I'm at work. But it is hard."