She's gorgeous, talented, flawless and yet the perfectly toned Sarah Jessica Parker is not good at applying make-up.

Well girl, I guess that's what happens when you have dozens of make-up artists doing it for you day in and day out. Pick up a brush and give it a go, it's ain't rocket science!

Sarah Jess, 44, told she doesn't wear make-up when she is not filming because she does not know how to apply it.

"I am, I confess, very bad at make-up. I don’t wear any in my real life, my personal life. There’s no time for it and I’m not good at it," she told

“I don’t want to have to do it to myself - I wouldn’t know where to begin,” she added.

Don't worry "Sex and the City" fans, it's almost a guarantee that Sarah Jessica, who plays the glam doll journalist, Carrie Bradshaw on the show and in the movies, will be made-up to the last when she hits our big screens this coming May.