Sarah Jessica Parker said she has "enormous regrets" about going to Marrakesh for seven weeks and leaving behind her twins while shooting “SATC 2.”

While filming the sequel to the ever so successful 'Sex and the City' movie, Parker said she had to leave her twin babies with their father and her husband, Matthew Broderick.

"I have enormous regrets about that. They couldn't travel at the time, because they were too young to get the right shots," Parker told Star magazine last week.

Despite being away from her family, Parker said she loved Morocco.

"I didn't realize Marrakesh was such a bustling city," she said.

"We went away for seven weeks, and that was a great advantage because, as opposed to filming in New York, no one cares who we were."

On being a mom of twins - she already has a seven-year-old - Parker said it "was very difficult."

" I mean, just one alone is daunting, with the diapers, the ointments, the bottles, the pacifiers. You're carrying suitcases! There is so much more planning it's like a military operation," she adds.

However, Parker and Broderick are adjusting.

"It's wonderful. We didn't want twins, but it's a blessing. They are as different as can be in every way, and I think it's good for them that they will be their own people."

"SATC 2" will hit theaters across the world at the end of May.