If it wasn't for Sarah Jessica Parker there might never have been a "Sex and the City 2."

It was Parker that masterminded the return to the screens of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda.

Boy, we're glad she did.

I CAN'T wait to see it.

Me and my girls already have our outfits picked out for the movie.

Parker admits that she supervised 'every detail, every atom' of the production of the sequel to the hit 2008 movie.

Sources in the production crew even said that Parker was so hands on she was very much involved with choosing the wardrobe for some of the scenes.

The source told In Touch Weekly: 'She knew everybody's name on the crew, even before they all knew each other's names.

“She's a sweetheart but she's also a producer and she's tough as nails.'

We're glad to hear it.

Sarah Jess has been getting a little bit of a hard time from the press for leaving her new born twins - via surrogate- at home in New York while she spent nearly three months in the middle east filming the sequel.

This movie, no doubt, will be another great installment.