Rumor had it that Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn't be coming to Ireland this year for her family's annual visit due to the expansion of her family with the birth of her new twins.

But the Parker family must have been determined to get in their Irish vacation, because Donegal Town woke to excitement yesterday morning as the word spread that the “Sex in the City” star was in town.

Parker was taking a casual stroll around the Eske-side town with her newborn twins, Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, her son, James, and a local friend from Kilcar, where she and her husband, Irish-American actor Matthew Broderick, have a home.

As is now the accepted "norm" when SJP visits her adopted county, the actress and her children weren't hassled by any onlookers or photographers, and enjoyed a peaceful early morning shopping trip to the town.

Understatedly dressed in a mid-length white coat and brown cap, Parker and the group casually engaged in conversation with many of the locals and proceeded on to the local Super Valu store to stock up on supplies for their Irish stay.

One local who recognized her told the Donegal Democrat/Peoples Press: “I was just walking behind her on the way up from the car park and recognized her instantly - previously I had been on a flight back from Los Angeles and she was sitting across the aisle from her.

“As I passed her I just said, ‘Nice morning, enjoy your stay’ and she gave me her unmistakable smile. She is a very nice woman and hopefully she will be allowed the peace she well deserves.”

After her short and relaxing visit in Donegal Town, Sarah and her family headed off to where the heart is - home in the hills around Kilcar to her family cottage.

This family scene in Donegal is one that this mother of three rarely gets to enjoy as she has been working nearly 15 hours a day to get the second “Sex and the City” film completed.

Meanwhile, Broderick has adopted the role of “Houseband” as he strives to run the household and mind the kids with Parker working so much.

Apart from the grueling schedule of the highly anticipated "Sex and the City" sequel, SJP is set to be the new face of the American fashion label Halston, which will launch its new campaign in Spring 2010.

Let’s hope she is enjoys the peace and quiet for which Donegal is renowned for in the meantime.