Sarah Jessica Parker has been showing her support for Donegal this week in anticipation of the county’s All Ireland final match with Kerry on Sunday.

Parker and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, split their time between New York City and a home in Kilcar, Co. Donegal.

The Sex and the City star has been showing support through a series of tweets this week.

“My body is in NYC but my heart is in Donegal,” she said. “Let’s take the All-Ireland and Paddy, bring it home to Kilcar.”

She also told fans that her son James is preparing his Donegal jersey, and that they have plenty more around the house:

@Lorcnmn ah you are very sweet. We have a lot of jerseys for Donegal in this house! X sj

— Sarah Jessica Parker (@SJP) September 18, 2014

Parker was spotted in Donegal earlier in the summer with her son, purchasing said jerseys.

Gareth Briton, the owner of All Sports in Donegal Town told the Donegal Daily Newspaper, “They called in and didn’t create any fuss at all.”

“They have been to us before. We didn’t ask them to pose for photos or anything. I think they prefer to be left alone – I think that’s why they enjoy coming to Donegal and relaxing.”

“There’s no other team to support,” Parker tweeted.