Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is undoubtedly disappointed with how The Host performed at the U.S. box office. There were high hopes for the film based on the novel by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer – an already captive Twilight audience was the reasoning – but alas things didn’t work out that way.

The Host earned a paltry $25 million here since its release more than three weeks ago. That number is far from the Twilight mega-millions, but Saoirse, only 19, has a number of new projects that will make The Host seem a distant memory.

The Oscar nominee recently finished filming The Grand Budapest Hotel with director Wes Anderson, and she nabbed the starring role in Ryan Gosling’s writing and directing debut, How to Catch a Monster, which starts shooting next month.

“[Gosling] emailed me and we had been emailing back and forth,” Ronan said last week while promoting the Neil Jordan directed Byzantium, which will feature at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday.

“He sent me the script to read. We had been taking about it and talking about my character. We were excited about each other’s ideas … I’m very excited about it.”