Mirror, mirror on the wall which is the most promising Snow White reboot of all? That would be young Irish actress Saoirse Ronan's turn in a widely imaginative variation on a classic story.

First Showing
reports this week that Ronan will lead 'Order of Seven,' the Kung Fu re-telling of the classic tale that follows Olivia Sinclair, a British expatriate in 19 century Hong Kong - there to request the protection of centuries old warriors, who are not much more than a bunch of jaded outlaws (with not a dwarf in sight).

But with the return of the evil empress, Sinclair helps the former warriors reclaim their rightful destinies.

As reboots of the classic tale go this one sounds the most promising and least hokey.

The warriors are rumored to be played by well-known stars from China, Russian and Japan and production is slated to begin this in the fall. We can't wait!


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