Irish screen sensation Saoirse Ronan is set to play the lead role in the film adaption of “The Host” , a sci-fi novel penned by Stephenie Meyers, the author of the “Twilight” series.

“The Host” tells the story of the takeover of Earth by an alien called Souls.

Ronan will play the human role of Melanie, whose mind becomes possessed by a parasitic alien.

The 17-year-old said she is now being offered more challenging roles.

"There are a lot of projects now that aren't just kind of 'teeny bop' films, they're quality films and they're centred around young people," she told the Herald.

Susanna White, the director behind “Nanny McPhee” and “Generation Kill” was originally linked to the project, but has been replaced by Andew Niccol.“Host” Meyers has chosen Niccol originally because she was a fan of his film “Gattaca”.

Born in New York, Ronan said she is ready to take part in a romantic comedy.

"If a romantic comedy or something like that came along tomorrow and it was a good script and had good characters I'd do it," she said.

"I actually don't have a problem doing comedy or a rom-com, I'd love to do that kind of stuff.

"It's just been the way it's worked out so far."
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