Here's your first look at Irish screen star Saoirse Ronan in the forthcoming thriller 'Hana.'
Ronan plays a teenage girl raised by her ex-CIA father to become a lethal assassin. Cate Blanchette will play an aloof intelligence operative tasked with overseeing Hana's mission.
It's a much different character to the ones Ronan's played before.
'She's this young girl who has basically been trained her whole life by her father to kill,' Ronan told the press recently. 'It should be good fun and I'm training for it in martial arts. It's tough but I really like it and enjoy it. I do two hours in the gym and then I do about two hours of martial arts.'
'I wouldn't call it an action movie," Ronan added. 'It's a movie that has a lot of action in it. It goes quite deep as to where Hanna comes from and what she's all about. To me, it doesn't seem like your typical action film or action hero. She's a very interesting character and I think she's going to be very interesting to play."