Saoirse Ronan was nabbed on the red carpet at the Irish Film and Television Awards. Ronan said there were rumors going around about her involvement in "The Hobbit,” but that’s all they are at the moment -- rumors.

She said, "No, nothing has actually been confirmed yet. I’d love to get a role in ‘The Hobbit.’ I think everybody in the world would like a role in ‘The Hobbit.’”

Last month casting agent Ros Hubbard had said that Ronan had been cast for the film being directed by Oscar winner Peter Jackson, who directed Ronan last year in the 2009 film “The Lovely Bones.”

Hubbard said, “[W]orking with Peter Jackson is like working with family. So they’ll have a great time. Saoirse’s family will go too. Everyone is very close and very loving on those sorts of jobs. It’s not like typical studio movies at all.”

Production for "The Hobbit" is set to begin on March 21.

So far the cast list on IMDb, excluding Ronan, features Cate Blachett, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood and Ian McKellan.

Saoirse Ronan