Irish starlet Saoirse Ronan chats with Marie Claire magazine

Saoirse Ronan has told Marie Claire magazine her Mum has been an incredible influence on her and women are now empowered in Hollywood because of “Me Too.”

“My mum influenced me in a way no one else ever will. We’re best friends and partners in crime,” she said.

She also believes Hollywood is now a different place thanks to the “Times Up” and “Me Too” movements.

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"We've gone from saying, 'Yes, we really need to make a change and we've all got to stick together' to, 'Oh f**k, we really need to make a change.' Now more than ever, feminism is at the core of my life,” she said.

As part of a joint interview with Marie Claire, Brooklyn star Ronan and 12 Years A Slave Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o were asked to pick women who inspired them.

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“I picked Sissy Spacek and Nina Simone,” Ronan said. “I grew up watching Sissy and loved how she was able to balance looking incredibly innocent with these very dark roles and tortured characters.

“And I definitely wanted to have a musician. We would always play Nina’s music in the car in the summertime. She reminds me of that time.”