Saoirse Ronan didn't read 'The Lovely Bones' before starring in the film. The 15-year-old actress - who plays the role of a murdered teenager Susie Salmon looking down on earth - avoided reading the emotional book because she felt she was not old enough to understand it properly.

 She said: "When I did get the role, I waited to read it until after I'd made the film because I was a little too young to read it.

"I'd heard it was a tough read, especially the first chapter, with rape and murder. After reading it now, I realise that it is quite tough but I eventually did read it and it was beautiful.

"I thought that Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Phillippa Boyens did a great job adapting it." Sairse also admitted she didn't discuss the murder scene with her co-star Stanley Tucci before they filmed it. She told Teen Hollywood: "We didn't talk about it beforehand. I don't think Stanley really wanted to."