The 'Proposal' co-stars – who are rumoured to be dating - will work on the show about an ordinary child surrounded by his prodigy siblings and brilliant, but neurotic mother set to be played by Sandra, who will also executive produce while Ryan will voice a character and co-write the script with 'Just Go With It' writer Allan Loeb.

The programme will be developed through Ryan and Allan's recently launched TV company Darkfire, with Allan previously revealing they hope to focus on animated comedy projects and admitting 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane was their inspiration.

He said: "I don’t think anyone can come close to Seth MacFarlane, but we’d like to try."

Sandra and Ryan will also reunite with 'The Proposal' writer Pete Chiarelli and director Anne Fletcher on the big screen in 'Most Wanted'.

The movie tells the story of a criminal suspect (Sandra) who is arrested and escorted to a court hearing by an FBI agent, played by Ryan. However, the pair are attacked in an ambush and forced to go on the run.